Altes Land

Altes Land is an area situated downstream from Hamburg on the southwestern riverside of the Elbe. That is where we are heading now. The weather is nice, the sun is shining. Fruit trees as far as one can see, between dikes, canals, small creeks and pretty villages with magnificent half-timbered houses.DSCN4061_new


Everywhere you can find well-preserved old thatched timbered farms with magnificent gates.


Not only the major houses in the village, no, almost all have beautiful doors.

The houses are decorated with beautiful tile ornaments.


Typical for the churches in this area bell tower and nave are separated. The bell is outside of the bell tower.



The rich interior and the colorful paintings on ceilings and walls catch the eye.


The galleries on both sides of the nave can be reached via stairs on the outer sides.

The massive organ takes up the whole width of the small church.DSCN4090_new

Although a Protestant church there is a confessional.


On each pew are the names and indication how to seat. There lies a different embroidered pillow on each seat, very pretty.DSCN4114_new



In front of the church of Jork stands a wedding bench.



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