Timbered Houses in Lower Saxonia

Our plan to visit Cuxhaven is discarded when we see the campsite – a huge parking with campers crammed together. No thank you! Not our “cup of tea”! The whole area is so crowded like in high season. Maybe it is already high season and we didn’t notice…

About 30 kilometer along the coast we find a small yacht harbor – just were the river Oste meets the river Elbe. Here we are just a handful campers – this is more to our liking.

The little village Otterndorf with its historic center is only 14 kilometers away. The timbered houses look totally different than in our area in the south.

Here you can find the “Himmelreich”:


… and the crane house:

Almost each house has a door that invites to take pictures.

The town hall also has a very pretty door.



In the emblem of the city is a otter according to the name. And the otter also sits in the fountain in front of the town hall.


3 thoughts on “Timbered Houses in Lower Saxonia

  1. A lovely town. And perhaps at the point at Cuxhaven there would have been some of that cold wind again?

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