Semaphor Bremerhaven

For all of you who want to know about this strange structure:

A semaphore indicates optically the wind speed and direction. This was important especially before electronic communications revolutionized shipping. In 1893, a semaphore (height: about 20 metres) was installed at Hoher Weg Lighthouse (built 1856) in the Weser estuary. Two hands, each 4.5 metres long, indicate the directions, six smaller indicators (length 1.5 metres) the gale forces 1 to 12, each standing for two gale forces. B stands for Borkum and H for Helgoland.

This semaphore was decommissioned in 1972 and one year later Hohe Weg lighthouse was automated. In 1976, the rusted gear of the semaphore had to be dismantled; the most important parts of it were handed over to the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.

The semaphore of the light-house Hohe Weg was erected again and put into service on the north mole of the entrance to New Harbor, directly in the town centre on the Weser. The almost 20 m tall mast shows the wind force and wind direction of Borkum and Helgoland. The respective meteorological data are transmitted every two hours online by the German meteorological service and are displayed on the signpost where they visible from a good distance.


Unfortunately it is rusty again … perhaps in electronic times it is not needed anymore.

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