Seaport Bremerhaven

I know it sounds stupid, but the winter sweaters have to be taken out again. The wind is biting cold.


Our campsite is in the fishing port. At a central place you can get everything around fish and sea. In a former pack hall are high price restaurants and portside pubs, shops with maritim accessories and fish shops. To me it looks a bit like a xmas market with fish…




In a smokehouse we are allowed to look in the smoker.


The “HafenBus” offers a very special sightseeing tour. After a small city tour we enter the seaport, even the restricted area.


In the Lloyd Werft we are able to look in the dry docks.

The bus parks in front of the container bridges and we can watch how the containers are loaded and stacked.

In the car terminal we see the huge Roll-on-Roll-off ships. We see again the large red ship from yesterday, it is no container ship but one of these huge car ferries.


Everything is huge here. This thing is used to build offshore wind parks.


Bremerhaven is not a biker town, the road signs for bikers are very bad. If your campsite is in the harbor you end up at the waterside all the time and have to make constantly detours.




Yesterday in the bus we have learned Bremerhaven is a city of museums, all located in the “Hafenwelt”.


We decide to stay another day to visit the much praised “House of Climate”.


You travel along the 8th degree of longitude around the globe and experience the different climatic zones of our planet and how people live there.


It would have been very nice, but roughly 500 youngster travel with us…


Hein Mück is the chosen symbol for Bremerhaven.


One thought on “Seaport Bremerhaven

  1. I think you are brave to have even thought about bicycling in Bremerhaven. I think its a fairly condensed city of 100,000+, no? But still a good tour and change of pace. Does your tour follow the coast to Denmark or do you soon turn south from the North Coast biking? Perhaps you need to make a map with the route of each phase of the North Coast Biking?… From the rain where a deer just broke into our net perimeter and ate all the flowers this morning : (

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