Life in the Salt Marshes

We pass another lighthouse on our journey, which promises a beautiful view. Unfortunately we have “North Sea Fog” as often in the mornings.



We choose the small harbor of Fedderwardersiel, because the campsite is described very nice in our guidebook. But we didn’t like it very much, I believe the authors mixed two places. Ok, we can’t win all the time.

But we make a very nice bike trip – I guess you know by now – along the dike. Always according to the wind: on the way against and on the way back with the wind. We cycle next to the salt marshes. At the horizon we see a large container ship on its way to Bremerhaven.


The salt marshes form the transition between sea and land, on one side there is watt, on the other side dike and salt marshes in between. This habitat makes special demands on plants and animals. It is only slightly above the medium high water level and is flooded yearly 10 to 250 times with saltwater.


Salt marshes are rest and nesting areas for many bird species.


There is a small hut to observe the birds. But this thing catches the wind, it is not possible to be inside more than a couple of minutes.




One thought on “Life in the Salt Marshes

  1. More delightful photos and scenes. I really liked the birds : ) I am almost caught up with your adventures but now it’s time to fold laundry. More reading in a few moments.

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