Small Bottleship and Large Camper

Neuharlingersiel is a picturesque fishermen village. The fishermen hang their nets out for to dry.DSCN3653_new


The passenger ferries to Spiekeroog start from here.


In the „Buddelschiff“ Museum we learn how the really big boats get in the bottles.  DSCN3665_new

With special handmade tool they are clued together inside the bottle! For the sinking of the Titanic were about 1000 working hours spended.



On this campsite we find the ultimate camper with the Porsche in the tailgate. Only the slideouts are missing…




2 thoughts on “Small Bottleship and Large Camper

  1. The boats-in-the-bottles thing is amazing. I have read about this in the recent past. But the camper??? In the US, they are all pulled behind or on a small trailer that is pulled behind. Perhaps the monster is easier to maneuver than a the trailer? Anyway, when I do my summer road trip I see all other kinds of these – but not this one!

  2. Apparently we are missing a lot of very good spots…… Yves has to train for kite contest…. The only good thing is that we have not been floaded….. and the rain stopped when we arrived……
    Amazing this camper…….
    Continue to enjoy and share your trip!

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