Moin, Moin!

Moin, moin is the greeting of the Friesian people all day long. It doesn’t mean “Morgen” (morning) as one would think. “Mooi” means “nice” in the Frisian language. And because the people here don’t talk more than necessary the short cut for “I wish you a good day” became “moin, moin!” All the people we meet on our way greet short and sweet “moin!” I guess they don’t want to appear talkative…!

Norddeich Radio was a coast station, which for nearly 100 years built up the communication for ships and sailors on all seas.

Since 2010 Norddeich is a North Sea Spa. There are clinics everywhere and it is pretty crowded. A nice park invites for short walks.



The beach is full of beach chairs – are they common in other part of the world as well? I only know them from German beaches…



There is a special area only for kites and their masters. Tough luck, Yves!

The port of Norddeich serves primarily for ferry and freight traffic to the Frisian Islands – mainly to Norderney. The ferry port is third in Germany in size after Puttgarden and Rostock.

The fishing port is located in the east part of the port.


We have problems to find the center of the nearby city of Norden. We cycle through an endless settlement. Everything looks alike. After a lot of searching and questioning we find something like a center. Since we are hungry by now we take the first restaurant we see – and it is definitely recommendable.


Our cycle tour the next day leads along the coast to Neßmersiel.DSCN3565_new


And once again we find a super restaurant. The only question is whether the crabs in my salad also had been to Morocco?


On way back the wind comes from behind. What a shame that we don’t have sails!



Bright blue sky, green meadows – at the end we have cycled 40km and we have sunburns.



2 thoughts on “Moin, Moin!

  1. I’m impressed. 40 km and only each other to provide the encouragement! Love the kites but the beach chairs? Have never seen them before so, perhaps, only Germany. Are they all complete with advertising?

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