Otto’s Country

We head on to Greetsiel. A little detour brings us to the Lighthouse Campen,with 65.30 meters the highest lighthouse of Germany. Its iron structure is somewhat reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, which was built in the same year. Because it is very hazy I don’t have to climb up the many stairs… The beacon is one of the strongest in Germany and has a range of 30 nautical miles (54km).

The campsite is right next to the symbol of Greetsiel, the twin windmills, a red and a green one.

Here in the harbor is the largest cutter fleet in East Friesland.


Shrimp are fished with bottom trawls of shrimp cutter boats and already boiled on board with seawater. Formerly they were peeled off by the fishermen’s wives at home. Under EU rules this is now prohibited for reasons of hygiene for commercial sale. It has the consequence that the frozen shrimp are often transported to low-wage countries such as Morocco to peeled, before they reach the German counters.




Greetsiel is a pretty village, but even now at the beginning of the season it is full of people.



Everywhere touristy kitsch and/or coffee or tea or other beverages and ice is sold. One can only imagine how it will be in July and August.



A few kilometer along the dike passing sheep and geese a red-yellow lighthouse catches our eye. I know it – this is the lighthouse of Otto!




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