The Gate to East Friesland

Today we cross the border to Germany. Unfortunately wide parts of Germany and France are flooded but at the coast the weather is nice.

In 1964 the former drilling platform was used to drill for natural gas. Today it lies in a nature conservation area. A perfect place for us to rest and have lunch.



After we want to visit the gate to East Friesland: the city of Leer. The campsite is not really nice but very centrally located. We only have to cross the bridge and are in the museum harbor where many beautiful old boats berth.

Several sculptures can be seen in this area, I like the little mermaid best.



East Friesland is known for its tea drinking tradition. Nowhere in Germany people drink as much tea as here. In Büntings Tea House one can try and buy, they sell everything related to tea and as many different varieties you can think of.



We notice several houses, where behind the highest windows is no floor but already the gable. Somebody pretended to be more than one was.

The most beautiful house of town is the one with the impressive gable. These gables are also called „wig gables“ because they look like falling white powdered wigs.



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