Otto’s City

The “Emssperrwerk” is one of the most modern lock stations in Europe. It is 476 meter wide and fullfills two important tasks. It improves the flood protection of the hinterland significantly. It also dams the river Ems and therefore allows the transfer of cruise liners from the Meyer shipyard of Papenburg to the open sea.



This is the view from our campsite in the harbor of Emden. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for everything. Hot water in the shower – this is normal, but for every walk to the toilet?


Right in front of us on the other side of the harbor is the fish selling stand. But we don’t like what they offer, we will find something better. Which we do later, three different kind of herrings. This dish is so delicious we don’t think of taking a picture.


At the top of the harbor stands the sculpture of “Jantje Vis” with a basket full of fishes as a symbol how important the fishing of herring is for the city of Emden.


On one site is the impressive mayor house, on the other the house of the most famous son of Emden: “Dat Otto Huus” with its ottifant.

This interesting vehicle we discovered in front of a bicycle shop, no more problems to get on the bike!


There are still 31 bunkers in Emden. One of it houses the bunker museum. We don’t visit – it is closed. At the outside it is decorated with a huge painting reminding of war and environmental disasters.

Biking around the city we notice this beautiful steeple.


And that a weathercock sits on top of it. There are weatherswans as well. A rooster sits on a reformed and a swan on a lutheran church. Up till now I have never seen a swan sitting on a church steeple.

In Emden there is a round lock called “Kesselschleuse”, best explained by the sign next to it.


We want to bike a bit more and leave the city. We pass a very nice windmill, coming to our attention specially because of its name!

Further along the way we see another windmill. This is not a watermill but a flour mill. The young man invites us for a visit and let it even run for us. The mill is his hobby, we can feel his enthusiasm as he explains everything to us.


This is the end of the trip for Domy and Yves. Due to the flooding in their area they will head back without any more stops as planned. A very nice time ends. Bye-bye till next time!




3 thoughts on “Otto’s City

  1. Swan weather vanes and round locks …… Thank you!
    Fingers are crossed for the safety of Yves and Domy’s home.

  2. Oh very nice and now I have a face to the name too 🙂 – looks like you had a great trip, the story of the herring makes me feel hungry, must go see what there is for lunch in the kitchen (its almost 3…)

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