Mustard, Candles and Mud

Today we continue and leave the beautiful campsite in Lauwersoog behind.


A nice windmill reaches our attention.


Right next to it we find „Abraham’s Mostermakerij“. In this place mustard is produced. We are allowed to look around and admire the many old machines. Of course we can also try the different products and buy some of it.




Next door is a candle workshop, they produce candles in all possible and impossible shapes.

In this little village one can find another special place, a „Klompenmakerij“, here they produce wooden shoes. Unfortunately it is Sunday and therefore closed. Yves won’t get a pair, tough luck!


At Noordpolderzijl campers are welcome and allowed to stay. It will be very quiet, there will be nobody except us. A „Zijl“ is a sluis to bring water out of the polder tho the waddenzee.



When we arrive, the place is very busy. A group of youngster just come back from a walk into the waddenzee. It had crossed our mind to do a walk in the waddenzee, but when we see the group coming back from such a tour, we are not so keen anymore.

A guide explains us the tours he guides through the mud, how careful one has to be and how dangerous it might become. It is very interesting but for us this is enough.


2 thoughts on “Mustard, Candles and Mud

  1. How do you find all these marvelous places ?? Mustard-making machines, clog makers (I used to wear wooden shoes when it was all the rage in the day of hippies), candle makers … and, yes, beautiful campsites.

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