An Island full of Birds

Schiermonnikoog is the smallest of the inhabited Islands of the Netherlands. The distance is only a few kilometers     but the ferry takes about 3/4 of an hour, it has to go zigzag through the waddenzee.


There is an old and a new lighthouse and many nice houses and a lot of nature.


We bike all around and everywhere. We see many different birds, many more than I can show at pictures, because most of them are not in focus.






The weather forecast is not what it used to be. The proposed 8 hours of sun have shrunk quite a bit. In the evening it is again quite chilly. We want to treat ourselves with a nice dinner, but have to learn most of the restaurants close at 8 o’clock, even on a Saturday. Only one we find open, it is very full (I wonder why…) and very bad. C’est la vie!


3 thoughts on “An Island full of Birds

  1. Sorry about the culinary experience but loved the birds. Hopefully Mr. Fleming will comment and tells us what each of them are… so nicely in focus there should be no problem : )

  2. Hi Traudel. This part of R&R would just like to say thank you for the lovely photos, as always.
    We arrived in the UK last night after a busy and exhausting couple of weeks. Our internet/correspondence time has been severely limited but we’ll try to catch up soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your dike trip; we’ll certainly enjoy the rest of your photos.

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