Der rain has stopped. But 12° and wind, the winter underwear has to be out again – even it is only for the sightseeing of Leeuwarden



It is a big lively city with lots of canals.


The Oldehove is an unfinished steeple in the city center. It continuously leans over like the Tower of Pisa. During the construction the tower started to sag to one side and in 1532 the construction discontinued after only three years. The dilapidated Church was distroyed, only the tower has outlasted the centuries. Unfortunately the pictures don’t show how tilted this tower really is.DSCN2434_new


The windows are the oddest church windows I have ever seen. Oh well, there is no church any more…


Like many times before, the bike proves to be great for sightseeing. It is not easy to find the statue of Mata Hari, the famos exotic dancer born here. We all expected a much bigger statue…



Domy read about a small street in the old town with little ancient shops. It take s afew rounds in the city till we find the place. We don’t need the hairdresser, but the cheese shop is very nice…


In the “Oude Waag” is today a nice café.



A hot coffee and a mulled wine – just what we need!


And after … back in our warm camper!

One thought on “Leeuwarden

  1. What a fantastic city! Mata Hari and all! And I LOVED the leaned tower – just lovely, really. Thanks.

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