I’m singing in the rain…

The weather doesn’t look very promising. It rains when we drive to Sneek. Many years ago we used to sail in this area. The country side was marked by the many draw bridges leading across the canals. When a boat came, the bridge was opened und all the cars had to wait. Nowadays most of the bridges are replaced by „acquaducts“ (or naviducts) and the cars have to go under the canal. What a shame, most of the flair of the country side gets lost.

After an additional coffee the rain stops and we bike from the campsite in the yacht harbor to the closed-by city.



The Friesian lakes are the tourist area of the Dutch. All lakes are connected with each other. With a boat you can wander from one lake to the other. Sneek is located in the heart of it. It is really impressive when in the center of a town the traffic gets stopped and the draw bridge is opened to let the boats pass. Obviously in a town this is still the better solution.




All streets in Sneek are paved. The pave maker has to get a monument!


The brothers Clemens and August Brennikmeyer founded here the famos clothes store C&A, well known all over Europe. If the lady wanted to swop her geese for fabric?


The city hall has a great fassade.


The waterpoort is the last remaining piece of the former city fortification.


The sky looks very black and we save us by going in the Museum for Ships and navigation. We visit a huge collection of ship models, ice sledges and what have you!

Before the next downpour we make it back to the campsite. Next morning it is still raining and this doesn’t change all day long. A lazy day for sleeping, reading, playing….




When it finally stops in the evening we bike to the center to a Chinese evening meal.

One thought on “I’m singing in the rain…

  1. Just marvelous. I’m not learning my Dutch language fast enough but it’s fascinating! Imagine living your life on the canals. Same with Italy – and speaking of, did you hear the news from Florence? I’m singing in the rain (well, maybe tomorrow) …

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