Locks and Windmills

Next day we bike to Hindeloopen. Luckily the sheep are behind a fence!

On the beach are many kite surfers taking advantage of the strong wind.

Hindeloopen seems to be a Dutch Venice. The village is crossed from small canals. In the small streets some sea captains houses remind of the time of glory.

DSCN2137_new DSCN2187_new



The old lock in the harbor has a ” lie bank”, where the old fishermen sit and comment the maneuvers of the incoming yachts.





From far away the slanting church spire can be seen. What does the cornucopia and Aladin’s lamp mean?



On our Way to Workum we find an open windmill.



The miller explains (mainly to the men) all the technical details of windmills. Till today they serve to drain the polders.

The mill pump transports 1500 cubic meter per hour, this means 1.5 million liters…

Workum impressions:

2 thoughts on “Locks and Windmills

  1. Hola Cyclers, I am caught up with your posts, Traudel. I think I liked the last one the best – especially the detail about the windmills! Safe journeys!

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