On the way to the Maarkerwaarddeijk we all of sudden a big ship crossing the street. Here the canal leads across the road Now we know what a „naviduct“ is!


The dike closes the Markermeer to the Ijsselmeer. It is 28 km long.



Right behind on the other side we see a sign „Batavia Stadt“ and assume this is the Batavia Werft, which Yves wants to visit. It is a fashion outlet! The warf exists as well but isn’t worth a visit.


There is an orca in the harbor of Urk. Perhaps the name „Urk“ comes from it…


Urk is more than 1000 years old. It used to be an island. On October the 3rd 1939 the construction of the dike from Urk to Lemmer was finished and Urk was no longer an island.


Around the lighthouse are many small fisherman’s houses, each is different from the other.


Most of the them have a plate next to the door with the date of the Grundsteinlegung .


Many nice old boats anchor in the old harbor.




The Fishermen Memorial represents a fisherman’s wife, who stares at the sea for her loved ones to return. On the plates are the names of all the fishermen who never returned home.



The herrings can’t be fresher than this!

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