Hoorn or Enkhuizen

Hoorn or Enhuizen – that’s the question. Hoorn wins the competition.

We bike along the shore of the Markermeer passing windmills and lots of birds.


We race with the sailboats.


After a bit more than two hours and 25 km we are in Enkhuizen.


We hadn’t planned that but now we are here. Domy finally gets the herrings she is longing for.



And that within the view on Drommedaris, that is the most prominent sight of Enkhuizen. Why it has got its strange name, no one really knows. It used to be the southern door to the city and protected the old harbor behind.


Enkhuizen has a station and Hoorn as well. What is nearer than going back by train? This way we can easily make a tour through Hoorn.

Some famos men came from Hoorn, like Jan Peterszoon Coen, who conquered Djakarta (former Batavia) and founded the East Indian Companie.


Another citizen of Hoorn, Willem Schouten, rounded the southern point of America and called it “Cape Hoorn”. Abel Janszoon Tasman discovered New Zealand and — Tasmania.

Many beautiful houses are evidence of the heights of the city in the 16th century.



The Old Scale is a restaurant today and we end our day here.


For dinner we have … herrings!


2 thoughts on “Hoorn or Enkhuizen

  1. Those are certainly some very famous sons of Hoorn. And much else of which to be proud! Gracias for the education, mi amiga : )

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