To Portugal

A very straight street leads to Portugal. Every kilometer the country becomes more green. We even see vultures!





In Portagem right behind the border to Portugal we see an old stone bridge. In the 16th century thousands of jews fled across it from prosecution in Spain.


To Portalegre we have to drive a very twisted road. Part from the gigantic church we can’t find any interesting sights.



The small city appears rather run down. We look for a restaurant for lunch. This one looks quite nice. But the skewer looks better than it tastes.



The Rio Tejo is damed up here. At a dam we find most of the time a nice place for to stay over night. Let’s have a look! The power of the water is transformed in electricity.




The road across the bridge is very noisy. Behind the dam it looks quite idyllic but unfortunately there is no road.


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