Rain on the way to Sevilla

It rains on our last day. That’s ok, then Andalusia needs rain. The picture of the sunrise is taken a few days previous.


With many mangos and some jars of chutney in our luggage we continue our journey on Monday morning. Unfortunately it rains most of the way via Ronda to Sevilla. Most of the time we drive through clouds which is a pity because it must be a fantastic landscape.

Today is the Spanish National Day. According to this the city of Sevilla is quite crowded. For to visit the sights we are too late. We remember the restaurant with the yummy tapas from our last visit and we don’t leave it disappointed.





Sevilla doesn’t seem to be our city. Rainer’s bike has a puncture, we forget the bag with the ipad on our bike rag (a big thank you to the nice camper neighbors who watched it) and on top of it I throw all our postcards in the letter box without stamps.

The campsite in the industrial harbor is very loud, and the sky is very black. That’s why we decide to continue without another visit to Sevilla.

3 thoughts on “Rain on the way to Sevilla

  1. No you must return when it is a bit sunnier! Sevilla has its own charm. I used to come at the end of October to the Sierra and would always hit this monsoon type weather. We’ve had even worse rain this weekend!

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