Between Greenhouses

We drive through a desert like countryside towards Almeria. Many Western movies have been filmed here. And one can imagine it in the barren landscape. For the shooting quite a few village settings have been created. Most of them deteriorate but some are tourist attractions now. But when we pass it close by it rains. We don’t like walking through an old western village with an umbrella.

Most of the vegetable sold in Europe comes from the country around Almeria. There are plastic greenhouses everywhere. They have to be irrigated in this country with only a few drops of rain. According to this the water consumption per head is the highest in Europe and the third in the world.



On the coast line in front of Almeria a holiday city including a marina has been formed – developed on the drawing board. The beach is supposed to be quite nice. Unfortunately the access road to the campsite offered in our guidebook leads across a sand piste and we think that to risky. To the right and left are huge parking lots with nobody on. All have a sign “forbidden for campers”. All? No, there is one without this sign. That is the one we take. Sure enough in the morning we are woken up by the police to tell us we should not camp or park here. There are to possibilities: Either the official campground or th place for campers at the marina near the lighthouse. We decide for the lighthouse. Since it is a really nice place and the promenade along the beach invites us to bike we stay another night.



Nice Spanish food:


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