Barcelona at Night

What would be a trip through Spain without Barcelona?

For all Barcelona Fans: You can buy online tickets in every tourist info office. No more queueing at the sights!

We are lucky because we get tickets for the Sagrada Familia for tonight! The only drop of bitterness: it is evening and the inside of the building is artificially illuminated. During the day the sunlight lightens the inside of the basilica because of the ingenius planning of Antoni Gaudi. The building structure started in 1882 and there will be many years till it is totally finished. The first we visited the site was in 1991 and since then we follow the progress several times.





One of the most spectacular dwelling of the Modernisme (Spanish form of Art Nouveau) is the Casa Mila. It has been by built by Gaudi in 1905 to 1910.


Our tour starts in one of the inner courtyards.


After we experience a light show on the roof-deck. The famous ventilation towers of Gaudi are illuminated, a very special experience!







The view from the roof up here is magnificent.


The Metro takes us back to the Plaza Espanya. We are very happy to come out of the underground system, because it is very hot and unpleasant down there. You have to walk great distances and many steps up and down under the earth. Luckily to our campsite on Mont Juic lead many open-air escalators. And on top  the castell is illuminated and the view above the city gorgeous!




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