Wasserstrassenkreuz Magdeburg

This special sight of Magdeburg we don’t want to miss even it is hard to find because there are hardly any signs.

Center of the water way junction is the canal bridge where the “Mittellandkanal” crosses the river Elbe. _DSC8931_new




Already in 1905 started the construction of the “Mittellandkanal”, also known as Rhein-Elbe-Kanal. Of 325km length it is the longest artificial waterway of Germany. Via another canal it connects to the river Rhein in the west. In the east the canal leads via another canal to Berlin.

The ship hoist (Schiffshebewerk) of Rothensee was completed in 1938. It connects the Mittellandkanal with the river Elbe which flows 16m below. The bridge was already under construction but the work stopped due to WW2. After the end of the war the DDR had no interest in a east-west-connection. Only after the reunification of Germany the project was completed with the bridge across the river Elbe. When a larger lock was built to handle bigger vessels the Ship Hoist Rothensee lost its importance. Since 2013 it is working again but mostly it is technical monument._DSC8927_new


From here we really head home now. One more stay over night in the valley of the river Werra and we are back home again.

I hope you enjoyed our trip and will join us again next time.

One thought on “Wasserstrassenkreuz Magdeburg

  1. Yes we hope to join you next time, you have done beautiful trips since we have been together….. And it’s a real pleasure to follow you through your comments and photos.

    Are back from a wedding, there were german people, people from Japan, Argentina, Libanon and China…… Friends are living all over the world now.
    Lea is in Marseille, she and Yanis will meet Fabien this coming friday. They will do a trek in Pyrennees.
    We will try to have some rest…….
    I imagine you will be busy with Kerwe now…, have good time.
    Love from both of us

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