Hiddensee – the Island of Sunshine

After the heat of the last days it is quite pleasantly fresh in the morning. We want to visit the island of Hiddensee also called “Pearl of the Baltic Sea” or “Capri of Pommerania”.




The ferry boat starts in Schaprode at the island of Rügen.




Hanna is excited to be back on Hiddensee, as a child she has been here many many times and she wants to show us “her” island. On the ferry boat they used to eat “Bockwurst” – it is still available. But the four of us share one – it is not our favorite dish at 9 o’clock in the morning!

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Hiddensee is a car-free island, only the physician, the police man, the firemen and driver of the schoolbus are allowed to drive. All the others have to walk or to bike or ride with a carriage drawn by horses.


We decide to rent bikes. Hanna wants a normal one, we others go for e-bikes.


The Dornbusch has the highest elevation of the island. On top is the lighthouse. That’s were we want to go. 72m of altitude doesn’t sound very much but the track is quite steep.


Two of the e-bikes are perfect but the third one gives up its function. And when the guy from the rental shop says it is because we should walk up the hill Jochen was quite upset. Why have an e-bike and push it up?


The last few hundred meters we have to walk anyway. To the top of the lighthouse lead 102 steps but there is no need to count.


The navigational light of Dornbusch is working since 1888.






Unfortunately on the waydown it starts to drizzle and pretty soon it is pouring! Why didn’t we rent carriage instead of the bikes?


We hardly can enjoy the beautiful thatched roofs of the houses. Many have rune-like marks on their houses. These house marks went over from father to son but also stayed with the house. They served to mark the possessions of the owner of the house like house, tools, livestock and so on.





The famous German author Gerhart Hauptmann loved the island very much. He even owned a summer house here. It was his last wish to be buried here. We have a quick look at the graveyard, for more it is just too wet!


We are soaked wet when enter a restaurant for lunch. We all enjoy a tasty fish dish. The restaurant is called “Seahorse” , the shape of the island looks like a sea horse.


After lunch we are almost dry but there is no question – we have to go out again!


We return the bikes and wait in a nearby restaurant for the ferry boat. We have a gluhwine with rum to warm up again and this in mid July!



Su much to the island of sunshine!


But it looks like a very nice place and we will come back when the weather is nice!



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