Biking to Lübbenau

On no account the “Spreewald” consists of forest only, the 13km long bike track to Lübbenau leads through wide open fields along the river.





Lübbenau is much more touristic than Lübben. The barges are mostly occupied. But we wonder why so many little shops have closed today on a sunday in holiday season!


But the unavoidable cucumber pickles are available everywhere!



There are many myths and sagas in this mystic country.

The “Schlangenkönig” (king of snakes) protects the people, that’s why many houses have the symbol of two snakes on their house beaks.

The “Mittagsfrau” (woman of the midday) takes care of the farmers.

If the Wassermann” (aquarius) is displeased there will be a flood, if he is happy he helps the fishermen.

Fen fires lead lost hikers the way.

There are many more. The Fountain of Sagas” in Lübbenau honors all of them.




We liked the Spreewald very much. But tomorrow we will head further north.


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