Trip to the land on the River Spree

From TV we know the „Spreewaldkrimis“ (Thrillers from the Spreewald) and from there the images of a mystic country we always would like to see. After a long stretch (640km) we are in Lübben in the heart of the „Spreewald“ located between Dresden and Berlin in eastern Germany. After this long drive we need some exercise and bike around the small town.



city wall of Lübben
city wall of Lübben

The Sorben or Wenden belong to the Slavish tribes who settled here in the 6th century. The signs are often in two languages – for instance at the town hall of Lübben. Nowadays roughly 60 000 Sorben live in Saxonia and Brandenburg. They still mark this region with their language and culture.


In Lübben you can find a „Postmeilensäule“, a column put up along the postal route to show the distance (in hours!) to other cities and control the needed time for the delivery. The postal routes were measured since 1800.



Lübben also owns a castle. The island in the river belonging to it is a public parc. Here is also the small harbor where the boat tours through the labyrinth of waterways start. To join this is our plan for tomorrow.





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