Tour through the Spreewald


The Natur Reservat Spreewald is unique in middle Europe. The landscape is created by a net of natural and artificial water channels of the river Spree.





Silently glides the barge through the hardly floating “Fliesse”, That’s the name of the channels. The ferryman punts and steers the barge with the “Rudel” , the 4m long punt pole. The motor is not allowed to be used – only in exceptional cases.



In this area snakes are considered as good animals. Even today you can see many houses with snake heads on tip of the beak.



This little house is made of an old barrel for pickled cucumbers. Pickles are omnipresent, they are sold everywhere and they are on every menu. Even if you don’t order them you will get them as decoration on your plate.


We have a little break with our barge at food stall, where you can buy ice cream, beverages and snacks. We decide to try cucumbers. Don’t ask me if I want some again!



We have to pass a few small manuell operated locks. As a fee you put some coins at the wall of the lock.





2 thoughts on “Tour through the Spreewald

  1. Spreewald is ringing a distant bell with me…. Around 2001, we visited Eastern Germany and travelled from Dresden to Berlin, but without digging out my albums I can’t remember exactly where we went.

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