The triangle of the river Main

June 14th We trundle along the river looking for a new campsite. We like it in Marktbreit, a new side near the water with all facilities even free WLAN! Marktbreit is nice city located at the southern tip of the Main triangle. _DSC8097_new The emblem of the city is a knight who defeats a lindworm. _DSC8098_new _DSC8099_new Either he wasn’t successful or the creature has descendants – there still is another one! _DSC8096_new The triangle of the Main is the warmest area in Franconia and also very dry. This climate is very good for growing wine. _DSC8106_new We bike to the next village called Ochsenfurt where we have lunch and try some wine. But because it is so hot and humid we prefer a spritzer – and even that is enough! _DSC8107_new _DSC8108_new The town hall of Ochsenfurt has a very special clock. It is known even since 1496 that this clock shows more than just the time. Next to the hours this clock shows the moon phases and moon days. During the centuries the clock and as well the figure of the death has been repaired several times. I couldn’t find out the meaning of the figure. _DSC8117_new _DSC8114_new On our way back we meet a family of swans, a pair of rusty horses and a lonely heron. _DSC8121_new _DSC8126_new _DSC8130_new

One thought on “The triangle of the river Main

  1. The death next to a clock is a very old symbol. As the Romans said “mors certa hora incerta” (The death is sure the hour unsure) or as we as pupils translated it: “We are dead sure the clock is wrong”

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