From Bamberg to Schweinfurt

June 12th

Schweinfurt has three stations. One we visited yesterday, the ticket automat at the next one is useless and not only because the sun is reflecting the display. The main station is far outside the city, ok, we have our bikes. Here we finally get our ticket to Bamberg. Unfortunately, we have to carry our bikes downstairs and upstairs to the departure platform. In Bamberg we have a nice capuccino that compensates a lot.

The cathedral of Bamberg greets from above.





Bamberg’s  town hall sits in the middle of the river Regnitz. The story goes the bishop of Bamberg wouldn’t allow the citizens to build their town hall. That’s why they drove piles in the river and created an artificial island where they could erect the building.




The citizens of Bamberg call the former fishermen settlement „Klein Venedig“ (Little Venice).


Bamberg is not situated at the river Main but on the river Regnitz. Some kilometers after Bamberg the Regnitz flows into the Main.


Here also starts the Main-Donau-Kanal which connect the river Main with the river Donau. It was planned as a busy waterway, but we don’t see many ships.


The Main has dug its bed between the Hassberge and the Steigerwald and our bike track follows the water.


We have lunch in the nicest beer garden of Hassfurt.



We are happy when we reached Schweinfurt after 72 km, our estimation for today was a bit wrong.

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