Through Frankonia

June 10th

By train we go from Bad Staffelstein back to Burgkunstadt and by bike back through the Main valley.



On the right or left side of the river, passing blooming fields and going through Franconian villages.





The baroque church of pilgrimage „Vierzehnheiligen“ greets us from above for the last of 30 kilometers.


South of Bamberg is the country of the beer cellars. Before the modern technical cooling systems, most of the breweries had large beer cellars which were filled in winter with ice blocks cut out of the frozen nearby lakes. Therefore, the temperature in the cellars was changeless up to late summer and the storage life of the beer could be extended.

„To go on the cellar“ is a popular activity during the summer month in Frankonia. Between and below trees delicious fresh beer and Franconian specialities are served.



A very special cellar is here on the Kreuzberg. The brewer and host brews his beer right here.



How do you like this beer menu? Greg, this is specially for you!


Our kids married here a few years ago in the small chapel. Tonight we meet them here.


CIMG8119 - Arbeitskopie 2_new

The red beverage in front is also a beer only available during cherry harvest. I like it!

3 thoughts on “Through Frankonia

  1. Ah – you are correct; Greg would LOVE this last part of your journey the most. I have passed along the post to him. I’m not sure about the red one but I’m very open-minded : )

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