Half timbered houses and spa town

June 9th

The rain has stopped. Today we will bike. We park the camper in Weismain and bike to Burgkunstadt.


Everywhere you can see storage and industrial buildings  of a mail order company known throughout Germany. The small city itself has a formidable town hall and a few nice  half-timbered houses, but that’s all – ok, a sculpture of a billy goat and a maypole.

It is quite chilly – 13°! We head back to Weismain. This village is known for its „Weismainer Püls“, yes, that’s correct, the name of the brewery is „Püls“ and they produce a „Pils“!


We don’t like the campsite and drive on to Bad Staffelstein, famous for its thermal spa Ober Main Therme. Here is the strongest and warmest (52°) thermic spring of Bavaria. In the spa garden are two graduation towers. The down trickling sole enriches the air in the vicinity of the graduation tower having a similar effect than sea water.

_DSC7965 (1)_new



1492 the famous mathematician Adam Riese was born in Bad Staffelstein.

Several beautiful half-timbered houses dominate the city, the most beautiful one is the gorgeous town hall.



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