The Source of the River Main

June 7th

Rainer’s bike is working again, it wasn’t an easy project!

We want to bike along the River Main, starting at the source – that’s our plan.


The source of the White Main is at the Ochsenkopf (1024m) in the Fichtelgebirge at an altitude of 887m. We drive to Bischofsgrün because here is a cable car to the Ochsenkopf. It is possible to take your bikes up – but only from the south side, we are on the north side of course. We go up anyway without our bikes, I will walk back to Bischofsgrün passing the source. It was a good thing not to take the bikes the track down is more for mountain bikes.


To find the track is not easy. There are plenty of signs – even the one to the source – but they get less and less and weathered and eventually disappear. Luckily there are hardly any cross-ways and I find my way down.



The Main starts as a tiny trickle from the source packed in granite by a margrave in 1717 who also let cut the emblem of the Hohenzollern family into the granite.



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