Alkmaar – without cheese

May 16th

The temperature has dropped, it is quite cool! But we don’t care too much!

Alkmaar is known for its cheese market, but this event happens only on Fridays and today is Saturday. But there is still a lot to see. The tourist office offers a brochure with a round walk and many infos. For sure I would not walk this but with the bike it is ok.

A weigh house is a public building at or within where goods, and the like, are weighed. This particular one used to be a hospital before the city got the right to weigh the goods in 1582. In 200 years the place in front has been extended 8 times (!!!) to  create more space for the successful cheese market._DSC7593_new


During the Spanish occupation in 1573 the city was under heavy canon bombardment. One canon ball flew directly in this house but nobody was hurt. As reminder of this wonder the canon ball has been attached to the house.



This was the louse of a pastry chef. The windows in the middle of the stories have been the doors for to deliver grain.





The house builder of the “Leeuwenburg” had to wait very long for his permit to built his house and also his original plan had been changed a lot. He was so annoyed about this that he put up the lions with their bottom to the city hall.


Formerly on the fishmarket in Alkmaar a stork was living being in the service of the city. His task was to eat the fish waste. To prevent his flying away his wings were clipped. If this was necessary? He had all he wanted so he would have stayed anyway. I don’t  if this is true – but the story is nice!

The synagogue of Alkmaar




The “hofjes” of Alkmaar are almshouses around a courtyard. They were privately founded and served as a form of social security for elderly women who lived in poverty and without any men. These courtyard are still inhabited but the ladies are neither poor nor old and also the last rule is not followed anymore.


The mill of Piet:




One of the oldest houses of Alkmaar is from 1540. The folding shutters have been used to display goods and to sell “from the living room”.


The town hall of Alkmaar:




On the roofs of the town hall and the weigh house sit two golden pigeons.


Unfortunately Domy and Yves have to return home for family reasons. As farewell we treat ourselves with a gorgeous meal in an Indonesian restaurant. It is a pity the four of us enjoyed our biking trip very much. We will continue next year.


We decide to return home as well, it is better to repair Rainer’s  bike.

Thanks a lot for all of you who travelled with us,



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