Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

May 15th The „Keukenhof“ is a MUST for every visitor of Holland. It is open from March to May each year. My 17th it will be closed for this year and we take our last chance. No one of us knows exactly what to expect. Fields of tulips? The parking appears already quite full when we arrive. Masses of visitors head for the gate. After a wonderful huge park (32ha) opens up. _DSC7449_new_DSC7512_new The visitor can see the most beautiful bulb flowers – mostly tulips in all possible colors and forms. We are overwhelmed and get carried away with the camera even now towards the end are already finished with blooming.

In a special house are all kind of orchids displayed.

_DSC7442_new   An in another one an exhibition of lilies.

From next week on many helpers are needed to cut the finished blossoms, the leaves have to stay to bring strength into the bulbs for next year. _DSC7460_new _DSC7536_new


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