Den Haag

May 13th

We try in at least three bike shops. No one can help. To order a new rechargeable batterie – not possible. Rainer uses his heavy bike now without the electric help – stressy but possible.


The „Buitenhof“ is situated in the center of Den Haag, means the city grew around it since the 13th century. Here the Dutch parliament holds its meetings.





Den Haag has its modern architecture but it misses the flair of Rotterdam.




The Peace Palace houses the International Court of Justice and is often called the seat of international law.


July 1999 seven flames from 5 continents were united to create the World Peace Flame.


In 2004 196 nations joined together to create the World Peace Pathway. Each nation is represented by different stone.


The World Forum is concert venue and convention center.


Not very far stands a very tall statue of Nelson Mandela.



The little fishermen village of Scheveningen has become the sea side resort of Den Haag.






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