May 12th

Delft is one of the oldest Dutch cities. With our bikes it is no problem to discover the city in all directions.




In the center at the huge market square is the city hall.



Around this square are all kind of shops which sell mostly the famos blue china-ware of Delft and cheese.




Nice houses and town channels.







In the „Prinsenhof“ stand the blue pillars of Delft.


The old city gate at the Oostpoort.


The big „Nieuwe Kerk“ from the 14th and 15th century we saved for the end of our city tour.


Here is the burial place of Willem of Oranje.


The crypt of the Royal family is situated down below the tomb. It is not open to the public and is only opened when necessary. All important members of the Royal family are buried here.

With the entrance fee we are also allowed to visit the „Oude Kerk“. The steeple has a height of 75m and already started centuries ago to bend sideways. Since decades its bell has not been rung for static reasons.


From the outside the church doesn’t look impressive but inside it appears huge. The   most famous son of Delft – the artist Jan Vanmeer – is buried here.



At the „Oude Delft“ the nicest town channel we want to have a coffee to relax from our visit. A gust of wind throws my bike against Rainer’s and both disappear in the „Oude Delft“ which gets even nicer by this. Two young guys help very quick and our bikes are back on the road. Domy has the guts to take pictures!





Mine is wet but ok. But electronic of Rainer’s bike is dead.

DSC08143_new Back on the camper we try to dry the rechargeable battery with the blow dryer. I hope this wasn’t the end of our bike trip!

One thought on “Delft

  1. OMG. I’ve been following your WONDERFUL trip with great enjoyment. But now – yike – so I must comment. I hope the bike recovers because the bicycle journeys on this adventure are just the best! Well, and the photos and information, too! Hugs, Jami

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