Rotterdam, City of Modern Architecture

During WWII large parts of Rotterdam were destroyed. After the war the people of Rotterdam disclaimed to reconstruct the old city but went for modern architecture. Wherever you go you notice unusual buildings, each one very special and well worth seeing.











The most unusual complex for sure are the Kubus Flats. You ask yourself how will you furnish such a place? One flat can be visited!









In the old harbor we enjoy the sun during lunch.


On the other side we can see „Het Witte Hus“ with its white art nouveau facade. This building is 45m high and with this 1898 it was the first skyscraper of Europe!


Indoor market halls are common everywhere but the combination of market hall and apartment construction is unique. In the shape of a horseshoe the flats are arranged above market, shops and restaurants.





If you look up the ceiling is decorated with a piece of art called „cornucopia“.


The city hall dated from 1915 is one of the few buildings which survived the bomb war from 1940.



At last we pass the Central Station of Rotterdam. Some historical elements have been integrated in the new construction like the clock at the facade and the letters „Central Station“. The top of the building directs to the city center.



I could go on forever – this is a beautiful town!


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