Against the Wind in Zeeland

5th of May

Yves starts the day with a flat tire.


During the night we had heavy rain but now the sun is out again. But a strong wind is blowing. We have about 5km to the beach – not very far but with the wind from the side quite exhausting. Besides it is getting VERY black above us. We just can make it to the entrance of a public pool before the thunderstorm breaks loose. More than an hour we have to hold out before the rain stops. Luckily we can get a coffee and a beer and internet.

The sea is very rough and biking on the dam against the wind is quite a challenge. It requires all our strength. It is almost impossible to bike at all. We make it to Cadzand but there we turn round. Hui, that’s great, we hardly have to use the pedals now.




On the way to our campsite we pass again old bunkers – part of the Atlantik Wall.




In one you can even go inside. On the ceiling we recognize drawings – we wonder if the soldiers did these. But who else should have done this?

In the close-by village Groede we end another nice day with a beer.


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