Nieuwpoort – Oostende

Domy and Yves are in Nieupoort, that’s 70 km from here. This doesn’t take long and we meet in no time. After a short „hello and how are you“ we take our bikes and are on the first stretch of the North Sea Coast Biking Trail.



A huge wide corniche leads along the beach to Oostende. Today this place is very busy because it is Saturday and also a long Weekend. People walking, bikers, inline skaters, skateboarders, pedal cars and what else you can think of share the wide promenade without any problems. Some people are walking or playing in the sand at the beach, the water for swimming is still too cold.

All along the Belgian Coast a tram goes parallel to the promenade. If we get tired this will be an alternative to come back.


Many interesting sculptures decorate the promenade. Look at this iron dredger!


In Middelkerke you can admire the characters of the famous Belgian comic author Spirou. Even if you don’t know all the characters I am sure you will like the Marsupilami and Lucky Luke!



All along the coast you can see the bunkers of the Atlantik Wall.



In Oostende the Belgian king Leopold II. resided ( yes, the one who is known from the Kongo!).


He built a 400m long arcade to be able to walk between his villa and the horse race course without getting wet feets!



His villa „Villa Maritza“ is for sale.



At the fish market we buy our dinner.



When we arrive back at the camper our speedometer shows 42km. The trip has been so eventful we haven’t even notice the distance we made.


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