Direction Belgian Coast

The camper is packed and we could leave immediately if I wouldn’t have updated our TomTom navigation system. When I wanted to feed it with our destination the device says it can not find any maps and wants to be connected with the computer. Of course we can do this only at our house. WE have to go back home, switch the internet on again and hope for the best. After one hour I was about to quit it said „Now you can disconnect!“ and it functioned again. Arrrgh! What do we learn by this? Always try your device after updating!

With more almost two hours delay we can eventually start. In Luxembourg we fill up our gas tank, fuel is much cheaper here. In Belgium slowly the weather improves. The highway gets boring by the time and we switch to smaller roads. The drive through the Ardennes is lovely. Along the river Meuse we drive through a pretty country side unknown to us. Unfortunately we cannot find a campsite here. We have to go back to the highway to pass Brussels. At the canal between Gent and Brugge we find a nice place to spend our first night.  It is about time because it it is almost 8 o’clock and we did 560km,

this is quite a distance.


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