New Year’s Eve 2014

On the day of New Year’s Eve we take an outing in the mountains. Acebuchal is a tiny village further out on the campo. After the Civil War (1940) during the time of General Franco the resistance fighter hid themselves here in the mountains. The residents of Acebuchal got accused of helping the partisans. The Guardia Civil punished the village by destroying the roofs of their houses and making them unlivable in. End of the last century one family returned and started to restore the houses. When Monika was here the first time in 2001 there were still houses without roofs. Today the village has become a most frequented destination reachable via a dusty off-road track. Some guests even come here by horses!





All tables on the terrace are occupied but we manage to get one of the few small ones inside.




The padrone peels the potatoes – in the guest room, there is no space otherwise. Who can peel potatoes with such a knife??


The salad made of apples, oranges, almonds and raisin is so tasty – I have to remember the recipe!


The recommendation of the day is entrécote – it is so huge I won’t have meat for the next days.


Luckily we haven’t made any food arrangements for tonight, we all are filled up with todays lunch.

In Spain people eat 12 grapes with each stroke of the glock before midnight. Each grape symbolizes one month. The sweeter the grape is the better the correspondending month of the coming year. This started in 1909 when the harvest of grapes was too much. Without further ado a new tradition has been created. One can even buy 12 grapes in a box peeled and without pits.


Happy New Year 2015!

After we greet the New Year with some bubbly and watch the fireworks in Nerja and Frigiliana which are a bit disappointing  compared to the ones we are used from Germany.


The sunrise of first morning in the new year:


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