We head for Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia. The first campsite we approach is useless – too difficult to reach and too far from the city. The second one is in the industrial harbour and doesn’t look very promising at first. But at the end it comes very handy – it is guarded, it has all facilities, even internet. What do you expect more at the edge of a big city?


Across the bridge and the bike track takes you in about 3km to the city. Today first of all we are hungry. I know there is a „Lizzaran“ and we are lucky we find it in the maze of the alleys. It is very crowded but with a little patience you will get seated. The nice waiter explains how it works. The cold tapas you fetch yourself at the counter, the hot ones you get offered at the table, you choose what you want. It is a very clever business idea, it works and it is very tasty!

It is already 4 o’clock when we leave the restaurant. The alleys are very narrow and the houses quite high. Only the gables are reached by the sunlight.

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The cathedral is already closed but a „small“ side chapel is still open.



It is quite chilly, tomorrow is another day. In the night the temperature drops to 5 degrees!

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