26th of December – Birthday!

In the morning it takes some time till the sun has warmed up the 5 degree cold air to make biking more comfortable.

The cathedral of Sevilla was by its construction the third largest of the world after St. Peter in Rome and St. Paul in London. First was here a church, the muslim conquerors replaced it by a mosque. For a time the christian reconquerors used it as a church but then decided to tear it down and built the huge cathedral.



But they liked the minaret and so „La Giralda“ became the emblem of Sevilla.


The mortal remains of Christoph Columbus are here – at least 15% of it. After a long fight this was proven through a DNA analysis. Where is the rest….?


Unfortunately many people are queueing in a long line a the entrance and at the entrance of the alcazar as well. Tough luck, but we can do without it.




The omnipresent horse carriages look very picturesque, but we prefer our bikes.



Another emblem of the city is the dodecagonal Torre de Oro. Around the year 1200 it was to control the river Guadalquivir. A huge chain stretched from here to another tower not existing any more on the other side of the river.


We enjoy a beautiful view across the city.



Today is the birthday of the boah (best of all husbands). A Mojito in the sun – isn’t this something special and different?


And what does he like for lunch? Tapas at Lizzaran!


After we crisscross the city by bike, a drink here, a coffee there…

This city is so alive, you would think it is carneval….



On the way back we happen to do a small detour, but eventually we find the Plaza Espana – it is big enough, isn’t it?




Xmas decoration in the streets of Sevilla:



Sevilla,Spain, xmas decoration, La Giralda, Torre de Oro,Guadalquivir,Plaza de Espana, carriage, horses.

3 thoughts on “26th of December – Birthday!

  1. Ah-ha! Now I see how you spent your birthday. Excellent! So now – Happy New Year, boah! And you too, my photographer friend!

  2. Happy New Year to you both. Best wishes for safe and happy travels …..with more wonderful photo opportunities for all of us to follow….. (thank you!)

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