Village Festival

October 5th

The sky is blue but the temperature has dropped tremendously because of the rain in the night.

The bike track follows the Loire upstream Vilandry without being disturbed by cars.





Our plan is to stay overnight in Amboise but no way to find a place – and the campsite is already closed for the season.


In Mosnes we find a huge parking, at the moment rather full because something is going on in the village. The festival “fete de St-Coin” is still going on. Neither Domy nor Yves are able to find out what it is all about. People are dressed up and musicians are in the streets. It is 17.30 but the bars are closed. Very difficult to get something to drink!

In the middle of the village a small band plays music and people are dancing – actually a very strange feast!

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2 thoughts on “Village Festival

  1. Oooo – I really like the area shown in your first photos — undisturbed by cars sounds like my kind of place. Not that the rest isn’t fabulous, too. And dropping in on a local festival sounds just too fun. But I’m thinking we are close to the time when the rain was going to chase you away! How many more kilos of bike paths have you still before you?

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