Chateau d’Angers, a royal fortress

October 2nd

The black-and-white fortress walls made of slate and tuff are distinctive, it is the most powerful fortress a French king ever has built for his lieges. 17 round towers form the outside of the fortress which can be entered via two gates.



All the towers used to have a cone shaped slate roof. During the religious war they all got beheaded and changed into platforms for the artillery. The only one which has still its original height is the “Tour de Moulin” – which today offers a beautiful view across the river to the suburb of Doutre.





From the fortification wall one can see the cathedral above the city.


Inside the Fortess is a separate space for living houses. The chatelet is the entrance gate to the mansion and the chapel.




The Gallery of the Apokalypse: The tapestry cycle of the apocalypse of Angers impresses by its measurements of 103 m length and 4.5m heights. Originally the masterpiece was even more impressive: each of its 6 elements was 6m high and more than 23m long – a total length of 140m. It is the largest tapestry ever woven in Europe. It has been made between 1373 and 1382. During the baroque period nobody cared anymore about this treasure. During the French Revolution the tapestry has been cut to pieces and used as covers or tarpaulin to protect orange trees during winter time. In the middle of the 19. century the bishop of Angers bought some of the fragments back, others have been found after insistent searching. Nevertheless about a third of the original tapestry is lost forever.The building were the tapestry is displayed nowadays has been erected 1953-54 specially for this purpose.


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