Nantes, the capital of Brittany

September 30

In the morning we have thick fog, means we can see almost nothing of the large bridge to St-Nazaire. But it doesn’t take too long and we can see bits of the enormous bridge._DSC2131_new



The campsite of Nantes is right next to the camping place, but it is a totally different organization, means no electricity, no water, no disposal – nothing! If we would have known we would have gone in the camping place – but nobody was there to ask, we only had to pay with our card…

Nantes is no. 6 size wise in France and also the capital of Brittany. It is located at the meeeting of Loire and Erdre. Our bike track to the center leads always along the bank – nice!

The old houses of the shipping company owners on Ile de Feydeau are evidence of the former wealth of the city.


We bike through the lively city to the Chateau of the Ducs of Brittany. The most grand epoche was undoubtly the reign of Duke Franz II, who lived a truly royal life style.

The present building has been started by him and carried on by his daughter Anne de Brittany. She can be seen everywhere in the area.


The cathedral St-Pierre-et-St-Paul

Not far away we can see the Tour de Lieu-Unique, part of the famous French cookie factory LU.

Some more pictures of the center of Nantes:

The famos Brasserie “La Cigale” is one of the protected buildings of Nantes.


2 thoughts on “Nantes, the capital of Brittany

  1. Truly lovely. Our (the one with the Fernettes) trip to Brittany was just the drop in the bucket of beautiful. Still smiling about the trip in Sept. 2009!

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