To the Atlantic Coast

September 29

During the night it is very humid. And early in the morning it starts to rain – not a good idea to stand on wett grass! Quickly we jump out of bed to bring the campers in a better position. And sure enough on of our campers goes solid.


We have to wait till it is light, then with concentrated strength we move the vehicle in a better position to be able to roll again.

We had already thought about it but under these weather conditions our plan for today is fixed: We will go to the Atlantic Coast! And here it is sunny!




The parking in Bernerie-de-Retz is nice, there is a beautiful beach and only a few kilometers to the next harbour Pornic. No problem with the bikes!

Such a harbour doesnt look particularly nice at low tide.  The boats don’t swim in the water but sit in the mud.




Even we are not in Belgium the speciality here is “moules et frites”. For me a rather strange combination but it tastes good.




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