The Chateau of the Ladies

September 26

Chateau de Chenonceau is located on the north bank of the river Cher. It is one of the most known chateaux of the Loire valley. It is also called the “Chateau de Dames” because most of the time the ladies determined the history and destiny of the castle. Diane de Poitiers was responsible for the extensions of the building, her successor Katherina de Medici for the famous gallery. Always the women guaranteed the continuity. The last one was Simone Menier, who supervised after WWI the hospital which was arranged in both galleries, financed and equipped by her family.


The impressive entrance gate:


The entrance hall:


The chapel: It wasn’t destroyed during the French revolution because the owner by that time Madame Dupin had the splendid idea to store here her fire wood. So the religious character of the room was hidden.


The room of Diane Poitiers: It was her room but above the fire place are the initials of her successor Katherina de Medici and King Henry II.


The Green Cabinet: From this room Katherina de Medici reigned France after the death of her husband Henry II.


The library: Here she had her desk. Through the window she could watch the Cher.


The gallery: Since 1576 the castle has the gallery across the river Cher – even with two storeys. That’s a ball room!


The kitchen: The copper is blinking…


The salon of Louis XIV.


Canopy beds as different as you want them:


The ceilings:


There are flower arrangement in each room, the smell is gorgeous!


Last not least : the beautiful gardens:




2 thoughts on “The Chateau of the Ladies

  1. Hi Traudel – I’ve read each of your posts as they have come in but was just looking through them again. This place is fantastic. I wish we had visited on our walking tour but when we shifted to the Champagne District we missed this gem. Thanks thanks thanks.

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