La Cave des Roches

The ground in this area consists of tuff. Since the 11th century caves were dug in the tuff to get material for the construction of several Loire chateaus – such as Chateau Chambord._DSC1677_new

During the WWII the 400 km wildly ramified cave system has been partly destroyed. Nowadays 200 km of cave passages still exists on seven levels.

The caves are used as wine cellars and to breed champignons.


Four different types of mushrooms are breed here, lately even shitake. They used to harvest 60 tons a day, nowadays it is one ton a month. These numbers are hard to believe but that’s what we are told.

To me doesn’t really look very appetizing I prefer mushrooms from the forest.

In 1998  an artist cut an underground medieval city in the tuff somewhere in the cave labyrinth. He was working for three years on this project.


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4 thoughts on “La Cave des Roches

  1. Very skilled carving; I love the little dog. The room with the growing mushrooms reminded me of the film ‘Alien’. I half expect the pods to pop open at the top…

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