Two castles and a garden

September 24.

Right next to the station is a campsite for camper vans. Here we park our campers and start our biking for today. A short visit to the Chateau of Blois that we have visited some years before. _DSC1480_new

The first king of Blois can be seen in a niche above the entrance.


Above the small entrance is a relief of the emblem of Louis XII a porcupine. Also on the pavement of Blois one can find the porcupine.




We follow the signs for the Loire biking track and cross once again the river.


Since the Middle Ages there was a castle in Chaumont. Along the centuries it became a beautiful chateau which the French government in 1938 purchased together with the huge Park.


_DSC1515_newAt the station of Onzain we realize we have to wait 1 1/2 hour for the next train. Rainer and Domy decide to go for a coffee in the meantime and than take the train back to Blois. Yves and I want to use the time to visit the garden of Chateau Chaumont. Yves locks the bikes with his strong lock – my rather thin one appears him not safe enough.

Every year several garden archtitects showcase their flower arrangements – this with beautiful flowers but rather strange themes…




After our visit we discover we are trapped! Because Yves gave his car keys to Domy together with the keys for his strong lock… Rainer – already in Blois – hopps back in the train with the keys to rescue us. The official in the station looks a bit puzzled to see us again._DSC1579_new

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