Everything well at the end!

September 23.

We start at 10.00 in the morning. The weather looks lovely.


At Beaugency we cross to the other side of the river.


The biking track follows the banks of  the Loire. Swans bob up and down in the water, birds sit on the banks of sand, horses graze on the meadow…



Only the atomic power plant is disturbing the idyllic scene. Somehow these things appear threatening.

atomic power plant
atomic power plant

When we reach Blois Yves is missing his backpack with all their valuables. He must have left it on our last resting spot. He jumps on his bike and rushes back. We others follow our original plan to go to the station and take the train to our campsite. Unfortunately Blois is hilly and the station on top of the hill! When we reach overworn the top Yves calls. Somebody has handed in the backpack at the police station in Blois! And where is this? Down next to the river of course! Whatever – main thing the backpack is there and everything is in! What luck! But now we have to reach the station again – high up! We manage – there is no other chance. We take the train and pick up Yves at the station in Mer. From our destination at Meung-sur-Loire we still have 4 km to bike to our campsite in Dry.

At night we celebrate our first day and the happy ending with a nice French dinner in Blois.

Loire Radweg
Loire Radweg

4 thoughts on “Everything well at the end!

  1. All’s well that ends well! The scenery looks very quiet and tranquil. I trust the weather holds for you, so you can continue biking! Lovely photos. Best wishes, Rod

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